Organization of American States Information Service

Manifesto/Description for Podcast

Martyred journalist Manuel Buendía Tellezgirón is our inspiration! He was killed for defending the truth and Mexican revolutionary sovereignty -- in the service of the peasant and worker class! Mission Statement: To clear the obfuscation from the empowered class onto the masses, to illuminate the history of latin america from colonial to revolutionary movements to unpacking the 20th century of American global empire’s impact on our current trajectory. Exploring the Madero led revolution as a reaction to the Porfirio Diaz rule of suppression we see the Carranza led constitution as forced to contend with Zapata and the Red Battallions demands for social rights. However he fought tooth and nail to maintain the aristocratic civil liberties which maintained the Spanish/French colonial heritage aligned with the New England America project contending with the aftermath of its Civil War. In weaving these histories, narratives, and philosophies, a pattern of conflict and violence tied to controlling the natural resources of the involved regions repeats itself, including in the present day. We tell these stories and parse through these conversations in the hopes of breaking the cycle of exploitative violence such aristocracy maintains through the obfuscation of history and transparent media.


Institutions like RAND create long range plans for enclosure and spoliation


The Bourgeoisie or the employer/owner class conspires to effect both acknowledged and unacknowledged violence to carry out the plans

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